Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Recap

Another year of tradition, out to Belgenny Farm with Forever Always Market Stall.... Wait Mum is in hospital so alteration of plans - so I spent Saturday baking and cooking in preparation. Mums request tomato soup and lemon tart.

So then it was all stations go and packing for Market with lots of new supplies and lines, love that I can change up my stock with events and seasons. 
love my new selection of vintage linen charms.....itching to make a quilt with these

These little terrariums went down a treat @ $25 each everyone loved that they were named

Its certainly an early start to the day, leaving home at 5.30am does have it's advantages this stunning sunrise was worth every second of getting up at 4.30am

Having had a market stall on the Friday at Menangle House with the Pretty Picnics, I was lucky to complete a special order request and have it gift wrapped and ready for a special daughter to give to her Mum.

Of course, with my new display, means I get to play with my Chalk and create the perfect piece of chalk art and this one was pretty I thin, don't YOU?

My helpers keeping me smiling, doing a hat swap!!! Just look at the sun, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and even the rains are coming corn style spitting that the heavens sprayed on us didn't damper the sun or the days frivolity or shoppers.  

what's a mothers day without a happy snap of mother and daughter
leaving and arriving were both spectacular, we love our Belgenny Market days.

Exhausted, but in need of seeing my Mum, who had been in surgery, it was straight to the market for the Lemon Tart, oh yeah that's right I slaved over it but left it at home!!! DUH!!! Lucky my sister was quick to the mark and baked us up her version, she did mighty good!!! sadly no happy snap of that or mum, she was looking a little worse for wear, but we tarted her up with a little lippy, and put smiles on her face with all 9 of us making enough racket to wake the dead, we were soon sent on our way. Traffic and a 2 1/2 hour car ride home but to find the below waiting for me was boy scored big on the spoil mum counter!!!

And from the three of them, I received a cooking class at the Bourke Street Bakery on sour dough, can't wait to book and attend!!!
Of course, it was back to the hospital on Monday morning, just so I could deliver the Lemon tart to MUM, which she loved, on our journey back home, we stopped for coffee in Glebe, but alas our coffee shop wasn't open but the book store was, so of course Brian spied this and couldn't resist it, after all my Christmas Traditions.....I was going to type up some but found a perfect YouTube reading so I had to share.


  1. love the pic of you and your girl............gorgeous............

    1. Thanks Donna, it's not bad, but I do notice the 4.30am tired eyes creeping in on both of us....

  2. Hi Sonia.....Got my charm packs, thanks they are great x

    1. Kate can't wait to see what you create with them, I have been following your pins on pinterest......eeek exciting!!!

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