Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baking for Health - Superfood Brownies

So today, found me feeling low after a phone call from my mum. Hospital is getting her down and I know that she was booked for a transfusion yesterday but it never came, they changed their mind. After her last bout like this the blood really made a difference, so in my not so humble non medicated opinion, I think it would help. But alas there is nothing I can do to help that one, so I went in hunt of a good way for me to help. I surfed the net for some healthy snack I could take her that might help....and found these....

Knowing that I had purchased the Fruit For Life - Inca Berries as I had recently read that they are one of the richest fruit sources of fibre available, they support cellular metabolism. Are high in Vitamin B12. Are a great natural source of energy, and have been shown to reduce inflammation. An excellent source of antioxidants, and we all know that good antioxidants aids in mental health!!!  

The rest of the ingredients were in my cupboard with some minor changes, I decided to see how I went with my alterations.  Well I love them and they are very tasty little morsels of deliciousness and only 70 calories per mini muffin. In my book it's a great little snack. So, lets hope the patient enjoys them and maybe some healthy benefits will sneak in too!!!

If you would like to try my recipe, click here

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