Saturday, June 18, 2011

Multi-Tasking at its BEST!! Sew-a-thon!!!

Well it's been a while since I shared some sewing, but just let me warn you it's not because I haven't done any, I have been very very busy - well when you have a cold there is nothing better than to snuggle under a quilt with either a book or some stitching....and yep that's what I have done for the past month and a half - and the books well they haven't all been novels, a few have been inspirational to say the least!!!  So here are some pictures of what I have been up to....

Well back in April when I went to Nelson's Bay for a Holiday, I purchased the first 2 copies of these books so that I had some holiday inspiration, well let's just say I got Inspired. With the help of the little craft shop in Anna Bay I purchased my first set of Hexagon Papers and a set of templates and off I have gone....I am thoroughly enjoying the totally hand pieced fun of this project - It will be my first completely hand worked quilt and I am feeling proud all ready.

Above is just the beginnings, I have stitched numerous yes I have lost count of the number of Hexagons I have created so far, but the flowers are coming along nicely and I have managed to piece 4 blocks together so far. I have been using the Bliss Jelly Roll that I purchased months ago and it is working perfectly I think I will be short fabric, but luckily it is similar colours to my Gingham Girls Quilt so I have managed to pop some of the left overs from that into my stash to cut out when next I sit and cut and baste. I have run out of my Sewline Glue Pen - so will be picking up another at the Quilt Show when I go next week to Darling Harbour. Since watching a demonstration of it last year at the fair with Sue Daley I think it is amazing. I also need some more Hexagon Papers. Yes that shopping list has started.

My Gingham girls quilt, is all quilted, I have enjoyed quilting it over the last month, and stitching a lovely little quilt label to match as well. I have spent some time today, readying myself with lots of hand sewing projects to travel with me to my sisters and my monthly sewing bee that is near her tomorrow, so a sleep over with some hand stitching will be going with me. I love this quilt in all it's brightness and quirky patterns

This is the Stitching Bee project for tomorrow, as I am traveling I don't like to bring my Sewing Machine. So have made it ready to do the little bit of hand quilting, so you can see lots of busy embroidery stitching has been happening.

Below you can see that this cushion is quited large with patchworked borders, I have completed my back to there isn't much left to do on this and will be completed. I have worked the zipper into the back panel already. So quilting and then put the back to the front....hopefully this planning will prove lots of finished projects to share next week.

Life is Beautiful BOM quilt progress - yes all stitching ago - Lot's has been done. Total of 18 stitcheries completed - be warned many photos!!!

   Loving the fabric collection coming with this BOM, it's so me!!! can't wait to start putting it together.

 These two little ones I have drawn my own drawings for as I wasn't fussed on the images that came with the quotes, the one on the left inspired by the Vignette Magazine BOM and the one on the right' fits the quote better than the fish that was on there...but still not sure on it, although I love the effect of the variegated thread on the satin stitch.

With 6 More traced and ready to go, another ready to work on project.

Gardeners Journal hasn't been forgotten, I only have 4 more blocks to stitch, so it's coming along but just as a slower pace

Yep and here is some more of those new books, I have been drooling over, yep ear marked a couple of projects already, and one is already traced as a wee birthday project for my get to it.....and the one below, just a sneak of another birthday project for my SISTER.

Not to mention the almost finishes below, just need some jute and some more time, these are the last two months - monthly sewing projects that I have not finished, as well there is a bookmark but as to where it is, I have no Idea, I did make it and sew most of it by hand too....oh well that's me for today.!! The sewing room is looking neater I have to say, working my way through the mess, completing and preparing projects as I go!!

Oh and looky new fabric I wonder what I will make with this...


  1. Oh Sonia I love them all! I so admire your crafting/quilting/stitching skills. Love the two blocks you designed too.The fabrics are just so delicious.Thank you for sharing your creativity on your blog. It gives me so much pleasure to come and see what you have been up to. Hugs xx

  2. love the hexagons..........what size papers are you using with the jelly roll??
    good to see some GJ progress and the cute wall hangings at the bottoms are great.......


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