Saturday, May 17, 2014 it is

Helloo, how are you?  

Where do I start....
I am trying to read in to things at the moment, my body is crazy this morning I have enjoyed a lazy morning home alone and finished my first book of the year and yes we are half way through May!!! Does this say something about my time and why my blog is so quiet!!
What did I get from this read, "we are the sum of our choices".

I guess my choices to a quieter blog is FACEBOOK, is quicker. 

But having said that I seem to put more of me on my I asked how are YOU?

My reply to you would be....Well, it's as good as it can be here, though it's sure getting chilly in Sydney in the mornings and evenings. As I have seen many early and late nights recently...both at home creating and on the road travelling to and from the hospital and markets.

By that I mean today, is a good day well for me as I am home alone and enjoying the sanity of a PJ day.
But I have phoned my mum and she is having a pain day... guessing you'd like to know why.

Well I feel that this year so far has been a roller coaster ride, don't get me wrong there are parts to this roller coaster that I have loved and am still loving, I wouldn't give up market life and it's crazy go go go of production....but the rest of that roller coaster of life is just darn hard lately.

So back on the 4th April, this last crazy roller coast ride started and it's just getting crazier, it's got to slow down soon and let us off I hope!!

It all began with a call from my sister saying what's for tea I am coming to visit for some Respite visit, The first of many over the last month...some even lasting 5 days. But I digress that first day when she pulled in the drive and one of those signs I've been reading a lot into made me ask her to move her car off the drive...luckily. As a short half hour later as we were quietly sitting crocheting away, we watched as my beloved Old Banksia Tree fell and smashed into my driveway.

Lucky for me that my sister was visiting, as it allowed me to head of to Market at Narrabeen Public School as scheduled and Heidi stayed and supervised the removal of my fallen tree.

Not too long after, on her way to bringing me a coffee for the day, the dreaded phone call to say that Mum has had a fall, and there is lots of blood an ambulance is coming. At first, it was clear that the head injury needed 5 stitches, that the shoulder was broken, 5 days later the swelling and black eyes were easing and the surgery for Shoulder reconstruction loomed. We were informed officially, yes Mum had been claiming her leg was broken was it finally decided to do another scan and yes it was broken. Surgery roller coaster began for Mum 4 days later. Since then she has been discharged and spent Easter at home, only to find a week later that the swelling she was complaining about on discharge had increased and after 2 home visits from her GP, who felt that it was OK. Heidi decided it needed immediate attention and it was back to hospital.

Since readmission she as been admitted for surgery, to aid the infection on the 7th, 10th, 11th of May with a Blood Transfusion on the 12th May, more Surgery on the 13th, 15th to aid infection then yesterday the 16th May was back in surgery again, this time they have removed the plate and pins in her shoulder, in hopes that the wound will heal better, it is now closed again, with 3 drainage tubes. There is still a long road to recovery. But in good news they did remove the splint/brace from her leg although she is still non weight bearing on it. There is more comfort in bed without it on.
Eight Surgery's in the last month and 7 of those in a fornight is taking it's toll, on my poor Mum and Dad. We hope that this was the last.

That's it from me, I'll see you around and about on that crazy Round About Roller Coaster of Life :) 

Until then, you can find me here! 


  1. was wondering where you were..............since I don't do facebook..........please send my love to your Mum and i hope she is now only on the mend no more ops............

    1. alive and kicking just donna :) LOL at "since I don't do facebook" funny how I think of you when i was typing this in my blog post.... will pass on your love.

  2. Hold on tight Sonia! Best wishes to your mum for her recovery, I'm sure she appreciates all the love and care you have shown. Hope there are more books and more pj days in your future.

    1. Thankyou Susan, I am happy to report 2 chapters into a new book, it's actually the one Donna recently reviewed on her blog. And I have also completed a quilt top and pieced back that is ready for basting tomorrow...very productive day. Mum is doing well, drains removed today spirits were high!!


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