Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Hop in Time

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What is a blog hop? I hear you ask. A blog hop is a group of bloggers who create a linky list of blogs or specific posts related to a similar topic. It is also known as blog hopping, where you hop from one blog to the next following the linky trail  reading blog after blog entry, and leaving comments as you go :) hint hint we all love Comments!!! 

On a blog hop you may find new blogs to follow or old ones you hadn't visited in a while. It's how I have found a lot of the blogs that I read on a daily basis.

So this blog hop linky list is all about TIME - when the girls decided on this one, I was  like yep time it's something we all claim we don't have enough off. But seriously it made me stop and think. Time is Precious!!
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With the Death of my BIL this year after 2 years fighting Cancer, it made my family realise that time is precious and although we are all still grieving, we've all tried to make an extra effort to enjoy each other's company just a little bit more.

Even if it's as simple as cup of tea together, or a leisurely breakfast. That time together has been special. And with shift workers in our house, that time together is often at the strangest of times, but usually over a meal but never a standard meal time!!!
Recipe Link  - Caesar Salad healthy style

We also realised that it's so sad that we all lead very busy lives and often we don't make enough time to get together with a lot of friends and family - the ones that we caught up with and that you often only see at either  Wedding,s Christenings or Funerals. So with that said we have started to make more plans with friends and family doing the catch up and the old fashioned dinner parties, and simply enjoying the simple things in life.

Like time in my garden and smelling my roses, yes it's spring and I love this TIME of year.

But spring also means it's that time of the year that most people do that big SPRING CLEAN, I am not sure what it is, the weather, or just sorting out before the silly season begins. As I am a WAHM, I find that the  balance of time between housework and work a challenge. But I will give you a few HOUSEWORK TIME tips that I find work for me. Back in 1999 I found out about Fly Lady and I don't live by it, but I do still get the emails, and find that sometimes the jogger/reminder is good to get me going. But what I did take from Fly Lady all those years ago is that a shiny sink is a happy sink, and for many years my kids would see that smiley face above my sink (YES I PUT A POSTIE UP) and know that there was no place for a dirty dish. We have never had and never will have a dishwasher - we have two hands times four living in this house and we all do our bit. The other one, which I know works and often smile when I do it, get up and get dressed even shoes, it puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle the day and the chores ahead - yes dress for work or dress for the chore it helps....laughing as I type this in my pjs oh well it does work!!! This Month I also found The Organised Housewife Blog, and have found that the 20 day challenge has been a great way to help utilise my time on housework.
Image and link -  The Organised House Wife
I haven't done all 20 days, but I have read the prompts and I have a few new tips up my PJ sleeve for keeping a tidy home.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my Blog post on Time, and that you make the time to hug your loved ones and smell the roses or even have a smiley sink!!

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and be sure to leave a comment, :) please and most of all enjoy your blog hop in time!!!


  1. I soooo need to do that Organised Housewife thing!! Love your garden ... I love this TIME of year too :-)

  2. Another good morning tip to get you moving each day is to get up and make your bed - you are less likely to want to crawl back into it and each time you pass your bedroom door you get to see a sparkly shiny bed that will be waiting for you at the end of the day!

    I too suffered some losses over the last few years and it was those that made me realise and cherish the most important people around me. Sometimes it isn't only your family, but your friends too. We all get together with family at those big event times each year (Christmas, birthdays etc) ... but friends not so much. It's been my goal this year to step back, have a few more picnics, playdates and BBQs with friends .. and we have loved every minute of it.

    Thanks for sharing, xx M

  3. Hi Sonia, I popped by to have a peak at the detail in your Antarctica LO, so much to look at, awesome work! I also really enjoyed your post on time, beautiful pics of your garden, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hi Sonia, I popped by to have a peak at the detail in your Antarctica LO, so much to look at, awesome work! I also really enjoyed your post on time, beautiful pics of your garden, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Now I am hungry for yummy food.... Lol

  6. Ha, ha Wendy... I was thinking the same thing! Time really is something precious. Thank you for aharing. I've been following the 20 days to clean your house too... Although I'm waiting to finish our renovations before I start. I know... Excuses, excuses lol

  7. Haha, you made me giggle about sitting there in your pj's! Sounds a bit like me! And, YUM, that caesar salad looks delish!

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on've really put a lot of things in perspective regarding time spent with family & friends...time really is a precious thing that we shouldn't take for granted :)

  9. Terrific photos ; awesome theme.


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