Monday, February 24, 2014

Christmas Gift Giving - Handmade Pillows & an Owl

Delayed posts that have been sitting ready to post since Christmas, I know I am a slack blogger, I have had issues lately with blogger and just put aside for a day when I was feeling less pressured and stressed to sort it out..... now I have no idea what it was as today, I just thought I would play and it worked like last year so I don't know what I was doing in January or early February when I tried but, you will now see the posts I started back from Nov and Dec coming here you are my Christmas Gift Giving Handmade style.

Excuse the really bad phone images, but I was under the pump with these gifts, to get them ready for the special Christmas delivery courier in the form of Aunty Stacey, such big parcels would have been huge postage...

and for the mumma of these three, she already has a pillow but i had kept the off cuts from her raggy pillow and I have made this super cute OWL, inspired by pinterest pins of course.... 

 I loved playing with the tulle for her eyelashes....she is the cutest owl I have seen.


  1. I love all the pillows! Actually I know a really lovely room where the red and white pillow would look perfect!

    1. Thanks Michelle, the little man who it was made for loves it

  2. I was having trouble with blogger too, had given up, maybe I should try again!
    Love all the goodies you cute is that owl!!

  3. Do Anita, it seems ok again. I know love that owl pity I didn't make more for myself

  4. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Love all that you've made xx


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