Tuesday, January 07, 2014

SSCS - Scent and Recieved

Another year in the wonderful SSCS exchange, this year I sent my gift off to New Zealand and my lucky Recipent is Michelle 

I stalked Michelle's blog many times, before settling on this item.

What makes gift giving even more pleasurable is the response of a gift received and you can read Michelle's excitement here in her blog post

Now onto my excitement, although it has been delayed, I pre-planned this post so all I had to do was put the images in once I had opened my gift and it would be up quick.....but, I kid you not I have been flat chat with house painting....and have only put the PC on 3 times in since Christmas  and each time, I have intended to do it...but it just hasn't happened, then this morning I have set up the painter (aka darling daughter and said I will be back when I have blogged)

.......I received, a wonderful package of goodies all the way from the Nevada USA from Elf Ruth, it appears Elf Ruth is a bit shy, and I have no email to thank her on, I have left a message on her blog and I really appreciate the work that's gone into my gift. It will certainly be gracing the decorations next Christmas. I apologise for my tardiness.

You can see the lovely ornament I received in this blog post  and my main gift was this wonderful Christmas Table Runner....

Thanks again Chookyblue for organising such a fun event.... I look forward to it every year I do hope that 2014 SSCS happens


  1. I love the beautiful runner you made and also the one you received. Very nice!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I am making myself one like I sent, I loved it that much.


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