Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Stitching....

Happily stitching this easter, here is the ones I have done so far on my Gingham Girls Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes
Each of the 12 blocks have a few pieces to them and I counted a total of 35 pieces that I will have to do by hand before stitching them all together....
so here is Block 1 part 2 - 2 needle turned applique hearts, well I am loving the mini iron I borrowed till I can get mine really makes a difference using that freezer paper method - so much tidier than my clumsy house iron. Block 1 part 3 - these gorgous cupcakes....I love them - I can almost taste that vanilla sponge.....with raspberries....well that's what I was imagining whilst stitching...Block 2 part 1 - three little hearts...well only one is stitched so can't claim it's finished, but that mini iron had to go back now i need to shop for one.
Block 2 part 2 - my little chai girl is all complete...isn't she sweet.
Block 3 part 1 and 2 - oh aren't these little handbags divine....just waiting for their pearls to be completed....
Block 4 Part 2 - what girl doesn't enjoy a shoe sale.....and it's a mixed media block, and it's coming together nicely. I love how as you stitch each girl comes to life.....I have done the hair on 2 of the girls since taking this picture yesterday....oh so pretty they are. Block 4 part 3 - just pretty!!!
As for my Garden Quilt well I have finished one stitchery - the potting shed...but sorry no photograph...


  1. Beautiful stitchery :-) you are really very clever at stitching.
    Looking forward to watch you blog!
    Happy Stitching.

  2. What beautiful Easter stitching!

  3. You certainly have been busy...simply gorgeous! x


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