Thursday, April 08, 2010

Vintage Finds

Well I have been out and about early today - I think the sewing repair shop finally believes me that my machine isn't haunted and that the $250 I paid 6 months ago for a repair - seems to have not done a thing.

So they have my machine again, for the 10Thu time in 6 months and hopefully they will fix it for good this time.

Lucky for me that I purchased a little cheapy that is sewing up a dream for me....with huge plans of sitting at it today to sew up a storm and get some things in my etsy store.
With plans of being home alone and sewing in mind, I needed a few more zippers and I love that I can pick up a bargain at the salvo's of recycled zippers in bright colours, it's been so long since i have popped in that i whizzed in on my way home from the repairers......and here is what i found.
a couple of zips...yep that was the first pick up and then some spotty fabric...have no idea for that but well a girl can't have too much spotty fabric in her stash...and then well a sweet doily that i loved and could see being a feature on a bag or two....and then...just a quick wonder around and what should i spy.....
So let's get onto the real reason of this early post vintage find excitement.

TWO VINTAGE KODAK FILM REELS.......well my excitement was bursting and yes there is film in there....and a quick look when i got home and it has writing in the sand on palm beach in 1956 - yippee sad that i have somebody else's memories but well i loved the tins and they will look good in my little collection of camera memorabilia......think it might be time for a little display share sometime soon....will put it together and share....

But for now off to stitch...with share later

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