Thursday, May 07, 2015

GDITC - a long weekend.

WOW, what a weekend, I am always amazed at how we all come together from all of over this wonderful country, to this tiny country town. And it's just like yesterday that we were there. The friendships, I have made through this little event is just amazing, and without you my life would be very different.

From my very first Girls Day in the Country to today, I seem to just unwind the moment I enter the Fossikers Tourist Park - such a peaceful location, even with all the chatter that begins from our first Friday afternoon drinks meet and greet session.

This year we were given the Make it, Fake it or Bake it Swap and also Lynette sent out a lovely design for us to create something with to swap in our Class. I created a couple of Coffee Cozy's using Lynetts's stitchery and another I drew from a favourite stitchery I have done.

These are the wonderful Gifts I received in our Swaps.... the felt items are just stunning... and I have used both often since receiving them from the lovely Lea, for the Make it, Fake it, and bake it swap.. Lea's felt work is amazing... the tape measure has been used many times as it sits in my travel sewing bag.

 This little needle keep as you can see has been put to use straight away, it has been perfect holding my hexies as I have worked on my GDITC 2015 project. Thanks to Suzie J for creating such a useful item.

 Friday Nights dinner was so worth it, the MOUNT MISERY GOLD MINE RETREAT, CAFE, MUSEUM really made a comeback under the new management.... what a night, even if I lost my voice, I still enjoyed the laughter and frivolity. Oh and did I mention the food.... AMAZING

Saturday saw us all gush into the hall and Kerry certainly pleased us all again, the hall looked so pretty with our tables of brown paper parcels, doilies and fresh pretty flowers.

Of course when you get a group of bloggers together, there is always a camera snapping somewhere, and this weekend was no different, those first few minutes in the door and the cameras were going, who could get the perfect photo, who was photo bombing, it was hilarious to sit back and watch, the camera's, phones and ipads snapping away... even noticed a selfie stick or two!!!

Lynette Anderson was our tutor for the day and I loved the project the moment I spied it.... so me, hexies, table centre oh and Easter - yippee. Small enough to complete quickly

After a slow start, due to the flu imploding on me, I did manage a few more over the weekend before having a day on the couch at home to complete this much more... I am so loving this project, and I do hope it graces our table on Easter Sunday - I am cracking my own whip!!!

(edited) - nope, it didn't make it but I am halfway  now, this is the latest progress photo.
This is the 2014 fnished project photo, I have to say it is the first year that I completed the project, and it was apparently a big year for finishes.... as you can see.

This is our 2015 Bloggers Group photo, this group is growing more and more, and its such a wide travelled group. I love you all and our instant banter as if time and space doesn't interfere with out friendships.I know we all have Chooky to thank for Connecting us, this woman is certainly up there on my idol list, and I thank everyday that I stumbled across her blog and her happy smiling face.

Of course I couldn't let the day go without getting in on the Selfie pose either, and here I am with the wonderful Lynette Anderson. I am amazed at her generosity and friendship. 
Please don't look at the impending flu eyes and dark rings... And this was before the um dreaded Saturday night Drinking of a bottle of Southern Comfort and Lime with my pals - all in the name of a medicinal drink of course. After our perfectly casual BBQ dinner in the Caravan Park Kitchen. I really love this time to sit and share our lives and our finished items - it really is a great relaxing event. I loved that there were a couple of us sitting around an unlit fire-pit, nattering and drinking and drinking and nattering all whilst being serenaded by a few blokes celebrating life with guitars and voices. It really was a highlight of my night.

Sunday is our day of adventure on the weekend, after a nice brunch with the girls, who all say farewell and head on home. Mum, Dad, Brian and I like to take a day out in the country literally, and travel around. Heath the Caravan Park Manager/Owner suggested we travel out to Kentucky to a Distillery and it was an amazing day out even if I was certainly in the high peak of a full blown head cold. 

And after walking up and seeing this sign, it was just bound to be the perfect place for the afternoon. Stephen is certainly a character and kept us entertained. Our meal was relaxing and enjoyable great end to a wonderful weekend. I also believe that Brian on Heath's advice will be planning a bit of sojourn for the male attendees of Girls Day in the country, and I think that Stephen will organise a walk through the distillery as well... so girls with hubbies that need entertaining keep us in mind I will try to get a blog organised for this with Brian.

And what a day for a leisurely drive back to the Caravan Park before we headed home to reality and all that comes with a head cold in the big smoke. DRUGS and REST!!!

All booked in for GDITC 2016 with Anni Downs and I can't wait!!!


  1. Anonymous10:11 am

    Hi Sonia what a wonderful post ,I love reliving the beautiful time we all had,fingers crossed that we are going next year,hope you are feeling better now Sonia xx

    1. Thanks Shez, the memories is what keeps us going till next year. I am definately going next year all booked. Hope to see you there. I am feeling better in regards to my voice is back, but have had my first physio/Hydro two and half hour session today for my knees....looks like a double knee replacement is in my future.

  2. was such a nice time at GDITC...........and Sat night after everyone left was great.........they missed the fun..........

    1. Yes it was an awesome weekend..... and they certainly did.

      Thankyou again for having me visit - looking forward to my next one already.

      PS - happy mail arrived today in the form of Lucy Boston....yes I bit the bullet.


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