Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Goal - walking the bridge

Diary Date - 8th March 2015

Conquering my irrational fear of heights. This year is all about me putting me first occasionally. So with that in mind, Hubby and I have been trying to get more walks in, for fitness and pleasure.We have been enjoying the foreshore of our little bit of paradise. We did it all the time when the kids were little, enjoyed the beach life. But life gets busy and we let it fall by the wayside. So many of you my Blogging friends. Comment on my coffee photos by the beach. We are taking more time to just get out and enjoy the cafe world that it within our reach. Enjoy a good coffee and stroll and some fresh air. There has to be some perks to an unroutined work load that we both enjoy. Coffee on a whim, at odd hours and days of the week.

But back to this post. On one of our coffee on a whim days, after a double night shift for Brian and an early delivery/showing of our Adirondaks to potential customers (yes it was  a complete suit order) so a celebration was in order. But on a Sunday with Nippers at all beaches it was getting to a struggle to find a venue with parking and before we knew it we were in Kirribilli. That parking angel shone down on us and granted us a perfect park. The markets were on, so first up walk the markets, then coffee with a view... and before us was the looming bridge and the conversation ended up with me admitting that I really wanted to walk the bridge one day. Hubbies comment was are you sure... and I said lets try today and make the first pylon at least.... well the staircase was the first hurdle, easy enough... but once up there the fear started to take over - yes you can see through the railings... it really is an irrational fear.

But I made it this far... and its a start, hubby said that my grip on his hand wasn't cutting of circulation on the way back... next month I will post again, lets see how far I can get. the goal is to walk across and catch a ferry back before the year is out.


  1. go for it CAN do it.............

    1. Thanks Donna, hopefully I can shake this cold and fit my walk in for April


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