Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a weekend.....

not sure where to start, but to know that I am totally shattered....guess i start from the beginning. Saturday, going into the day with no plans, it is the end of a pay period and just after Christmas so like most of you we are really tight on the funds.....yes we have enough money for the bread and milk and incidentals till pay day next week....a quiet weekend is planned.
Well forget that, Hubby trots of to work on Saturday with the car, you don't need it, you got no money...that's cool. My parents are here for a nice leisurely breakie....all going nice...a phone call from a girlfriend, oh let's have coffee...ummm really can't do coffee....yes you can, it's badge draw at the local rsl, let's go we could win $ OK, can do coffee, so head off for coffee, enjoy a nice afternoon, no we don't win...but the afternoon was pleasant, home again, kids are happy playing, reading whatever, girlfriend stays, oh go on you can do dinner....second badge draw is at we say no, the my wonderful daughter comes and throws some money at me and says you and dad go and have some off we go, have a bottle with friends, and a nice dinner, don't win anything but have fun...decide they can't drive home, so we are going to have a night at ours and then head to theirs for breakfast....
So we have a few more drinks at home, and some cups of tea, and decide to watch Marley & Me, we wake up my wonderful daughter to watch too....Dylan was already up....we all settle in, well Brian's were the only dry eyes in the house, we all really sobbed, the red eye kind of tears, that make you choke....but it's all good, sometimes you need a good cry....yes my wonderful puppy is approaching that dreaded age at the end of her life, perhaps I have already had to put down 2 loving pets, who knows what it was that set me off, but yes I was uncontrollable ...but the movie did sober up the friends so they could go home to their babies...(pussycats), something we all wanted was to hug our loved companions in life....
so that puts me in bed around 2am, with plans of heading off to friends for breakfast when we wake, no set time, well when I woke at 6am, the eyes were still red and glued shut almost, they were that saw....back to snooze till 8, when the cats in our house were going crazy, locked them up and nodded off again, till the phone rang you know that phone were there is nobody there hen you finally answer it....oh well. It's 9.30 time we were all up, called girlfriend, to say did you ring, nope it wasn't her, but she was up and getting ready for breakie, we packed up some bread and eggs, and juice and headed over....
We had a wonderful breakie, ham steaks, eggs, tomatoes, toast, juice, tea, coffee, pancakes, fresh fruit salad, just yum.....had just decided on a second cup of coffee and a game of uno with all the kids.....when the phone rang and my stomach dropped.
My Dad had had a fall off the ladder....they were on route too the hospital...they would call when they get there......
DO YOU hard it is too wait to hear something, when you know that you are 2 hours I felt like I wanted to loose that breakfast already......I waited, yes he is OK, they are doing x-rays, looks OK, don't come, will call with we decide we can play....still feeling like i shouldn't but know that I can't do anything.....then the phone rings again and it's my sister, she is crying, think you should come, looks like internal bleeding....OK...
so i came home packed an overnight bag, then the non panic part of me took over, mum is a diabetic, it's almost lunch, packed her some thing to eat, and headed off.....
need petrol, yep no money...shit, thanks Bianca to the rescue....driving almost on the bridge and i think what's the day today...yes today is the 11th, the day the bridge goes NO CASH....and guess what was on my to do job for guessed it, GET AN E we call the number that they are flashing on those huge signs, and we get a recorded message letting us know that they were closed for the day.....WHAT THE????? on the day they go NO CASH they close, please explain, the recorded message directs us to a website, so we call home, get the folks at home to look at it, all the while that toll booth with NO CASH is getting closer.....oh look I spy a man on the booth, so I slow, almost to a stop and start to ask what should I do, as he yells at me go go go, don't stop just go, I am yelling but I don't have a tag, just go he we sail on through, all the while I am think shit shit shit, I am going to be booked, Brian rings from home, saying the website is closed for maintenance....F*** yes that's what I said....what the F*** are they doing, so - I tell him he should phone the daily, and the today tonight crew, and make a statement, what more stress do i need...this is just ridiculous.....
so we keep driving, not knowing more, then a phone call comes, from my sister just as we get to the hospital, he is x-ray she has taken her family home....
We sit and wait, he looks like he is in lots of pain, they drug him up, the x-rays are clear....they still haven't don't an ultrasound, but they want him to walk and pee....which he does, so they send him home, the staff were wonderful....he still is in an awful lot of pain, but my dad who hates Dr's at the best of time, just wants to go home.....which he does..
so I am home, I have just cooked some dinner, had a glass of wine, and am sitting here reflecting on my choice to live 1hour 20 Min's from my parents on a good run....I know I don't wish to move, but that stressful drive makes me ponder it....I know I won't, I will wait till it happens again....and ponder it again...
I am grateful for a wonderful family and a wonderful daughter who works and has money in the bank to bail me out when i needed her today.
What are you grateful for today, and I do hope your weekend was less stressful than mine.


  1. Anonymous9:20 am

    WOW Sonia, a very busy weekend.... glad your dad is ok though.
    Hugs Amie xx

  2. So sorry to hear about your Dad and crappy weekend Sonia ! I hope he will feel better soon, and make a full recovery.

  3. oh no Sonia I hope you dad is better now
    please pop over to my blog
    hugs Beth

  4. well now I need to sit and rest I am totaly stuff
    Hugs and Kisses to you SOnia it is amazing how women can hut do what they have to do
    by a loto ticket honey you never know

  5. Oh Sonia- if you were beside me right now, I would give you the hugest cuddle.Hope your dad is doing okay. I love your blog, and adore the pussycat! xo

  6. Oh Sonia- sending you a zillion cyberhugs! I hope your dad is doing okay. Love your blog, and the pussycat is gorgeous! xo

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  8. Hello
    a small mark at the time of my passage on your very beautiful blog!
    thanks for making us share your moments
    you have a translation of my English space!
    Happy New Year to you and your family
    cordially from France
    ¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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  9. I've given you another award to help cheer you up !
    It's on my blog !


  10. I don't have an award
    i don't even know why I'm here?
    he he
    btw nice blog and simple i could read it easily from indonesia which have slowest internet connection in the world :) ha ha

  11. Oh wow Sonia. My heart was pumping and sinking all at the same time. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.



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