Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Comments/Awards/Updates and more

Well, did you see my new counter over >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there. WOW, 27 of you in 24 hours, thats a boost to my spirits. I was curious to see how many there was of you dropping by to read my dribble. I had a counter when I first started blogging back in September 2005 and then I took it off, and now I was just curious again.
Comments - thanks for the wonderful comments lately - it really makes you feel good when you get them.
Awards - THANKS to Michelle for this award....
Apparently now I now nominate 7 more talented and creative bloggers. These are in no specific order, I find these blogs inpsire me, in all area's of creativity, be it photography, scrapping, or stitching, I did find it hard to narrow it down to just 7 - with over 100 blogs in my bloglines there are many many more that fit the bill....Just trying to share the love around.

Dad - update....silly old bugger is back at work....doing ok.
Mum - ultrasound results reveal burstitis in her hip least it has a name now.

The Bridge TOLL - well we got a reply from the RTA - a one liner telling us that all was working...oh GREAT, apparently you have 5 days to I will do that today.

My secret unfinished project is almost complete....and I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would like me to create it into another BOM project, - leave a comment and let me know. I wouldn't mind sharing it, perhaps starting February.

I hope to work on the BOM in the side bar next, I also still have a couple of thankyou's to post out to my Secret Santas - I decided I wanted to thank them with a little reminder of our exchange. Will share photos of those soon too.

Oh look another photo less post...not good, best find something to snap today.


  1. you just never know whos watching and from fun

  2. Thank you, Sonia. You are very kind. Glad you enjoy my little part of the blogosphere. There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs out there.

  3. Your counter is very flash Sonia LOL !
    I might have to get one ???


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