Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything Happens for a REASON

Well, I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, but at the moment I really am questioning that big man up there WHAT IS THE REASON?????

If I am to learn from these lessons, they are certainly some of the hardest ones I have had to face of late and I am really wondering what the FXXX the reason is, W T F am I supposed to learn.


Yep that's how I feel today, having a low day, can only feel up fo so long and when everything in my house of cards is falling down.

Even with the awesomely good news that we have had this week, I am still questioning my faith.

Don't panic if you read this, this is what a blog is for, to get my thoughts out of my head and hopefully help me to ponder what it is I need to know.

But know that somehow the smiling face of a special little baby girl gives me hope!


  1. you know I am only an email away..........hugs........

  2. Faith is bigger than Cancer can ever BE!

  3. Hey Sonia! I think there are some situations in life that we will never know the reason we've had to go through them, we just take one day at a time. Someone once told me a story about a butterfly as it emerges from it's cocoon ... to get out, the butterly must struggle and squeeze it's way through a tiny opening, sometimes taking hours, but it's that very struggling that gets the 'blood' flowing properly through it's new wings, giving them the strength needed for that butterfly to soar and spread rainbows in the air wherever it goes. So even as you go through the struggling part, trust that strength and beauty will be the destination ... one day. Sending thoughts, prayers and big squooshy Bear Hugs! KRIS


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}