Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Secret Santa POSTED

Well with all that was going on, I have tried to keep some things normal, and this one is.....at least.

It's the only thing that I am organised for Christmas this year, I have yet to even soak my fruit for the fruit cake....but hey we are soldiering on and cherishing all that is family.

So just to let Chooky know and my swap partner - yep I have stalked your blog I do hope you love it....it's all posted and on it's way in the air now!!!


  1. I am loving the look of that gorgeous ornament Sonia...Lucky to whoever that is heading to...x

  2. wonderful another parcel on the sleigh........lovely ornament..........

  3. Thank you very much, Sonia, the parcel arrived today, and I'm soo excited! I was operated one month ago, and so I'm at home, trying to recover, and this was a comfort to me!


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