Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just so proud!!!

What is it about being a parent, tears of joy and that extreme feeling of heart aching proudness? That overwhelming feeling of wanting to burst with pride!

Year 12 ended only 2 short weeks ago, and how handsome you looked on your formal night, words can't express how sad but happy I felt. My baby all grown up and no more school.

Then you headed of for schoolies week, the nerves and anxiety I felt as a mother you will never know.

But to have you home only one day, and then to hear you on the phone enquiring about the job interview you had 2 weeks ago and to hear the excitement in your voice when you said  " i think i got it"

We are so proud of you Dylan, you are on the journey to becoming that chef that you to dream of being.

Well done my son, so PROUD OF YOU

Good news is so rare around here at the moment, those moments of joy just seem to be extra extra special.

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