Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yep getting back to that stress filled post of a few weeks back.

I haven't felt the need to vent again, but alot of you have emailed me to check on me, and I want to say thank you. If I haven't responded I hope that this post helps answer your questions.

I haven't been able to share all my thoughts on my Brother In Laws cancer journey, for it really isn't my story to tell.

But I can say this, only those that have lost a loved one to this dreaded disease will truly understand the effects of watching a loved one slowly die. How it breaks and pulls at your heart strings every moment of every day.

I received a lovely comment on that venting post from Kris and I felt the need to share it here

 I think there are some situations in life that we will never know the reason we've had to go through them, we just take one day at a time. Someone once told me a story about a butterfly as it emerges from it's cocoon ... to get out, the butterfly must struggle and squeeze it's way through a tiny opening, sometimes taking hours, but it's that very struggling that gets the 'blood' flowing properly through it's new wings, giving them the strength needed for that butterfly to soar and spread rainbows in the air wherever it goes. So even as you go through the struggling part, trust that strength and beauty will be the destination ... one day.

Then this morning the post man brought me a parcel in the post another Random Act of Kindness brought me to tears in the shape of this gorgeous little fairy of health. Thank you to Michelle your thoughts of kindness touch my heart.

Really today I feel much better and am just thankful for each and every moment of the day, the laughter in my sisters voice this morning really was a happy thing, telling me she does have a social life you know as she was packing up the wheelchair and my brother in law and their bingo daubers for a nice day out. Each day really is a blessing of memories now the good ones and the harder ones!!!

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  1. thinking of you...........hugs.........


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}