Tuesday, January 03, 2017

SSCS - belated thankyou

I must make my apologies, for the delay in posting my thank you to Anne Heidi the Elf responsible for my wonderful gift all the way from Norway.

I can only say that I have been enjoying the beach instead of the house due to the weather, and today is a little wet and cool, so it's not a beach day. I have finally got time to hit the PC to compile this post.

I just love it the Ornament sat just inside my front door, inside santas cup reminding me that Christmas around the globe attracts the different seasons. On some of the hotter days we had it was nice to look at it and think of cooler climates that need the woolly wonders that this reminds me off.

My main gift is just perfect, I totally love the design and have used it happily on days out... such a clever idea of a bag inside a bag, with the Velcro attachments. Again Anne Heidi thank you so much.

Thus ending another year in the wonderful SSCS exchange, Thanks to the amazing ChookyBlue.

I was the lucky Elf for Marika in Germany, and she is very happy with what I sent. You can see that here

Thanks again Chookyblue for organising such a fun event.... I look forward to it every year.


  1. Spoiled! Agree with you about that handy bag!

  2. your bag looks great, I just love your ornament aren't they great, I have Norwegian friend whom has made me several

  3. I am so glad you liked the gifts I sent. We have lots of snow, so going to the beach was not an option here during christmas.... We did go skiing though :-)

    1. The differences in our climates- enjoy that skiing!!!

  4. how did I miss commenting on this post..............your bag set is amazing..........so thoughtful............


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