Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SSCS 2016

Well the sleigh has left the house.... on it's way across the seas... I love spreading Christmas cheer, thanks Chookyblue for letting me join in the swap for what is my 8th Year. It really is wonderful to think how we connect around the world with Christmas Gift giving.
This year my parcel shipped its way to Germany...

 and I am happy to report it only took 10 days to arrive... Australia Post you are amazing.

I Have also received my parcel from Norway the lovely Anne Heidi has sent me mine... I can't wait to open it


  1. So happy your parcel arrived in time for Christmas :-) Enjoy the holidays!

    1. I forgot to put the photo of the ornament - I love it. Thanks again Anne Heidi.

  2. a lovely ornament for Marica.........can't wait to see what Anne Heidi sent you.......


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