Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Last of my Quilts for Queensland

Remember a few posts back that I went to Corrie's Quilts for Queensland Quilting Bee - well I have finally completed the last 3 of the 6 quilts I brought home to bind and sew and snip....it's such a good feeling. I forgot to photograph the first 3 but here are the last ready to drop into RetroMummy's for delivery!!

This is the third of the three that I brought home that needed sewing together and clipping, this is such a bright and fun kids quilt, and such a snuggly quilt too!!! It's the first time I have done a raggy style quilt with the wadding to the edges. Normally I cut my wadding 1/2 inch smaller than the sandwhich layers, so you can see the wadding, but it kind of looks fluffier if that makes sense.

These two quilts I took and had a family friend quilt them by hand, as I felt that machine quilting just wouldn't do them justice. Evelyn has done a wonderful job. I got to bind them, and you all know that's my favourite part of quiting!!!

This more traditional style one was one of my favourites, I am still amazed at how so many stitchers blindly created this quilt.....amazing!!! It all just goes together like it was made with by one person.

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  1. Great job Sonia! They are beautiful quilts and I am sure they will be much appreciated and loved b y their eventual recipients. xx


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