Thursday, January 08, 2009


Well I have been tagged.....and isn't it a pretty tag.
Thanks Michelle... and now the task of finding those creative, funky, friendly blogs that inspire me that have yet to be tagged...
well after some browsing I tag..Chookyblue, Gail Pan, Dawnie and Sharryn Thomson
off to comment and let the girls know now....


  1. Hey chicky :)
    Thanks for the lovely tag...what do I do now? PMSL

  2. Sonia: Thank you so much for the lovely SSCS gifts. I am sorry for the delay in posting a TY. I received the gift January 6. I love the patriotic fabric and it will be a nice addition to the red, white, and blue quilt I hope to finish in time for my son's birthday in April. He is in the Navy! I also love the little traveling thimble case. Happy New Year!

  3. thanks for the are very kind........hope your dad is well


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