Thursday, January 08, 2009

SSCS - sadness, sharing and Good Sneaks.

Well this morning, I have read on another blog, of somebody who has yet to recieve a thankyou from their partner in SSCS secret santa swap, ...I feel for her. Christine has done some wonderful work, perhaps there is a reason for the no answer....I am hoping mine is due to the fact that I recieved the wrong Address, and it had to be resent, but I feel it should have been there by now. As it was quickly returned the first time.

So like Christine, I have decided to share my creations with you. This is the parcel all wrapped up, with it's pretty bow and little tree decoration.
Inside the parcel was a stitchery ready to stitch, I took the basic design from a magazine pattern of a house, and added more flourishes so it was like a gingerbread house, and had the words - a home needs love, It also had a shank of my favourite DMC colour for working all in one colour the stitchery. I also included a fat quarter of some American Flag Print Fabric that I had found.
Next up is a vintage sewing kit, it is a little brass box, with all you need for an emergency sewing fix it, including a thimble, as my partner posted on her blog that she had a thimble collection, I also found a few vintage thimbles on one of my trips to the markets at balmain. Next up is the Needle Caddy that I made from the Gail Pan - Poppy's sewing set Pattern that I got on my Stitchers Retreat last year. Then I made a sonia's Original card caddy, with some handmade cards and envelopes. Oh and I finished off with one of the Matroyska dolls from Rosalie Quinlan's the gift book.

OK...back onto today's share...well the heat seems to have knocked us all out, we slept till 9.30 when the phone woke us....
Bianca has headed off to work, I have done the suduko in the Daily, I have finaly worked out what all the fuss was doing them now. Although I did have to cheat and get one row ...and I just couldn't get it started.
I have taken chicken from the fridge to cook dinner, we are having kebabs, with a potato salad and tossed green salad, followed by Amie's HONEYCOMB ICECREAM she was telling me aobut yesterday, means I am going to use the icecream machine again, it hasn't been used since last january. I have load of washing ready to hang and I have to run the vac over as Mum and Dad are coming to stay a couple of days.
Here are some photo's from yesterday, I thought I can't not share with you my project although it is a surprise, here is a sneak of the colours and the stitching....
ok Oh and just look at this table....i didn't manage a before photo....but it is a off the side of the road treasure, one of those oh that could be has sat and sat, and well it was pretty gross, it had smurf contact on it, and when we pulled it off, look what we found...I got the boys on clean up on it yesterday, it is a greeny blue formica, and the base is painted white and the little edge is painted red, Well I love it, and it will be come my new Sewing Machine table, once i get the office sorted I am planning on having it all in one place. go hang that washing.....check on you all later.


  1. Love your stitching work Sonia !!!
    It just blows me away !!!
    I love the cat ! Very cute !


  2. lovely gifts you sent to your SSCS partner.......

  3. Very nice gifts that you sent to your SSCS partner. I LOVE that table too! It will make a great sewing machine table. Wish I could come over for dinner, sounds yummy!

  4. Your SSCS gifts are wonderful ... you certainly put a lot of thought and effort into them. Your partner was very lucky.

  5. Well you have been a good girl updating you blog :o) Loving all the pics and loving the sneak peeks can't wait to see what you have created.

    Can't wait for this baby to arrive so I can get back into everything again. Missing being creative atm :o(

    Thanks for the nomination too :o)
    Hugs Amie xx


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