Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Natures Journey my 2015 BOM

February & March Complete

My Stitch-A-Long BOM and I are a little behind but we are trying. I had a wonderful catch with the wonderful Chooky, and got to visit the Chook Shed in April. With Chooky cracking the whip, I managed to cut all my blocks. But sadly my life has been taken over by my health.... although I write sadly, its kind of weird as I actually think I am finally for the first time in my life totally enjoying exercise. I am attending 5 days a week now and missed 5 last week to a bout of Diverticulitis and I actually missed my Gym and Pool Days.
In my moments of rest I am trying hard to catch up and I have been amazed with the binding tool, making bias strips for the May and June blocks. Oh and my best friend has become the zip lock bag.... so I am almost there.

I can now claim that February, March and April blocks are hopefully Chooky will grant me a F, M & A beside my name
and May and June will be soon to follow.



  1. was so nice to have you and Mr Forever come to time it has to be longer.............great to see the NJ is happening a bit more...........goodluck with the knees.......and stick with the has to become a habit.........I need to get back on track I am missing it all...........but the shortest day of the year is here tomorrow and the days start to increase..........yippee.............

    1. Definately longer next time. We are coming out to work a market in late July but won't be able to visit with the stock on board. But I do plan on coming back...
      Knees are getting there, excercise is becoming a habit and funnily enough more enjoyable...getting back to my younger days when i did it for fun. Shortest and coldest day of the year....eek it was cold at maket, but nice to see the sun was up before i hit the gym today.


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