Monday, April 12, 2010

The Creative Post

Well where to begin, so let's start at the begining.....finished the first little stitchery in the Gardeners Journal quilt and chose some fabrics - this is the one I am working on with the girls over at the stitch-a-long blog Then here are a few more finished stitches - finding the pattern a challenge at times, but really loving all this needlework, in my Red Brolly Gingham Girls Quilt, that I am working on with my Mum, Sister and Di. We are all working it in different colours and I will have to share photos of the finished works when we are all done.

That little lady is my current stitching project, I am so loving how she is coming together, still some more work on her skirt and then i get to start on Brutus the cat, too cute.

Then it was on to the sewing Machine, I worked on one of my little zipper pouches - this one is for my God Daughter's Birthday.

Then I got to and worked on a couple Etsy Store items, so these are going up as soon as I finish this post.

My Ruffled Zippered Bag with 3D Flower brooch, in this stunning fabric, with a maroon spot ruffle and a teal blue lining.

Then to match it another little zippered pouch - perfect for sunglasses, or lipstick you get to choose.

See I said I was super busy and had a very productive few to post those goodies in the Etsy Store.


  1. OH OH OH! I think I may faint. Pure yumminess!

  2. Thanks Nic, feeling mighty happy it's up on Etsy for sale....I am wondering if I should be keeping it....LOL

  3. you sure have been creative.........

  4. You certainly have been productive...gorgeous stuff Sonia.

  5. Beautiful work Sonia!! I especially love the flower brooch.


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