Friday, November 15, 2013


Curious to see who won the the RAID AUTOMATIC a SOUP PROJECT GIVEAWAY Sonia's Thoughts and Forever Always Facebook and Blog?

Congratulations Suze Black, Vicki Burdon & Jodii Geddes You have won a RAID AUTOMATIC ADVANCED ODOURLESS INSECT CONTROL SYSTEM to rid your home of bugs ahead of the insect season.

Raid automatic contains a natural ingredient, called pyrethrins extracted from a type of daisy called the 'chrysanthemum daisy' (it's a mouthful isn't it). Even small amounts of pyrethrins are enough to kill most common insects.

Raid Automatic also uses Advanced MicroMist Technology which are fine particles that rise up and spread quickly, unlike ordinary sprays which have heavier particles which drop to the floor.

Raid Automatic provides the longest lasting automatic pest protection of up to 105 days, when used with the 12- hour setting on the 305g refill.

How the two settings work: 12 hour setting - for use at day time or night time. Use setting for control of flying insects and ants, 24 hour setting - this setting is most effective when insects are more prevalent. Use for both flying and crawling.

Not one of the lucky winners above?  That's OK, Raid Automatic, Woolworth's, Social Soup and I are still in give-away mode ... be one of the first 12 comment on this blog post with an email address so that I can contact you and send you out an exclusive 25% off offer and your a winner too.

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