Sunday, November 17, 2013

"me" time out in Bathurst at a bloggers meet

Last Friday, I was picked up by my lovely (Thelma and Louise road trip partner) my good friend Errolyne at 6.45 am and we began the journey of a wonderful two days of "me" time. 

For me it was a chance to get away with friends that I follow in blog land and to enjoy the company of a good friend. For Errolyne she jumped at the chance when I said I wanted to go but didn't like the idea of travelling alone and probably wouldn't as Brian couldn't get the time off. So it was a win win for both of us. Errolyne was happy to drive her more reliable car (LOL) as we all know what my car thinks of travelling over the mountains. Errolyne also said that she would be happy to shop alone on the Saturday whilst i spent time with my blog land friends....after reminding her that we were all sewers and that I am sure she would have fun with us....she did...and sure enough I know that she will be now emailing a few of you...nope she will never join the blog land!!!! Kind of like Chooky never getting Facebook!!!

Our first stop on Friday was breakfast in Leura, but before we even got to breakfast we saw the local market which really hadn't opened but both of us managed to shop... can't go past what Errolyne thought was a bargain 10 beeswax candles for $5 alas, that is what she paid... I got the 5 candles for $10 somebody can't read signs. OH well. We also purchased some scarves - Errolyne's was a lovely silk number, and mine well it was more Scarf Jewellery didn't think to snap a pic - but its a large silver bead with a sweet silver tree dangling from it, threaded onto a scarf (yes I talked the lady into giving me both the necklace bead ($9.95) and the scarf it was displayed on for $16) so bargains were had by both of us.

Back to breakfast, I have always wanted to eat at the Loaves and Dishes in Leura, but it always packed out when we have been there....but alas at 9am on a Friday we were about the 3rd table...and we are so glad we ate here...just awesome food and bonus they served Belaroma Coffee. I totally understand why its always a packed house and I will persevere and wait for a table next time... if breakfast was this good...imagine the rest of the day!!! 

I do believe we may have shopped more on our walk back to the car....oops the no more Christmas deco's rule may have been broken by me. Oh and Errolyne took me into the sweetest little shop  "the french shoppe" what a treat it was especially as Bianca had been sharing Paris with me that week on her travels.

Back in the car and a few hours on and we were in Bathurst, NSW our  destination. Of course our first stop was The Home Patch, and yes we were scheduled to be here on the Saturday but, I love the place and couldn't deny myself shopping in here twice. Blew the budget for sure and at least 2 hours.

Starved and well and truly ready for lunch we asked Annie for some lunch suggestions and found with ease Elie's Cafe where we enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Then onto Spotlight for a bit more shopping - OK I did say it was a "me" trip, I was hunting for a specific fabric that I need more of, but after reading Chooky's post - apparently we were a few hours late - it's all in Chooky's and Janice's bags!!!

We then decided with the temperature of the day our enthusiasm for shopping was waning and we needed to check into our Motel. The Bathurst Motor Inn, was clean and cool and perfect for our sleep over accommodation. After a little cat nap I texted the lovely Chooky to check on our Pre Saturday catch drinks that was organised at her Sister Julia's lovely home. What a lovely evening in a wonderful home, a big thank you to Julia for inviting us and hosting a lovely nibbles, dinner and drinks, it was wonderful to sit back on a Friday night and enjoy wonderful company, and laughs oh and a few  show and tells... this was Michelle's quilt that I loved... I wasn't quick enough to get Khristy's wonderful quilt picture. Great to meet new faces and also see some friendly faces too Kate and Suze

On Saturday it was off to the first stop in our Bloggers Meet at Bathurst Fabric and Trim - oh my what a shop, I felt so overwhelmed with the selection... so perhaps this is why I only managed one purchase... but I am still dreaming of the lovely pastel corner just inside the door. "If only" I hadn't had to disturb the display, my purse is thanking me that I didn't.

Next stop was back to the The Home Patch, it really is an amazingly beautiful shop, of course a few more things that I had spied and pondered on like the Tilda winter memories fabric that I needed " note I said needed not wanted, after all I can't recall who said it on the weekend, but all wants are needs anyway!!

With almost 30 woman in the shop, you can imagine there was plenty of waiting to be served time, which meant that a few of us got to sit on the wonderful veranda and chatter and listen to the birds. Annie even got a jump sales assistant for a bit when Kate jumped behind the till and helped out.

Peg and Dale managed to join us on the veranda too and checked my spoils, and help me ponder on what I think will be a new project in the near future....this quilt has inspired me

Next stop was lunch at the Crago Mill in Bathurst. The mill itself  has been converted into a antique shop and cafĂ©, WOW what a place, I was so lucky that Errolyne was my chauffeur otherwise, both my wallet and my home would be sorry!! There were many vintage pieces that were begging to come home. I think at one point, Kate, Khrissy and I were all wanting one Cupboard. I am not sure if any of us caved in at all. Obvioulsy it was a want only not a NEED. But I am sure I still need it. :)

This lovely gentleman, was so obliging to all 34 of us cackling woman, moving tables and taking our orders. And also giving us little tidbits of history on the building, apparently they removed 7 truckloads of pigeon poo.... after it was vacant for 17 years before the conversion began on the building 18 months ago. The food was amazing. Especially the little or not so little sweet treats that most of us enjoyed at this table...and I have pinched this image from Fiona

Next we exchanged gifts in the bake it, make it or fake it present swap, this was such great fun. I recieved these wonderful images from Donna thank you.  Over the years I have been inspired by your amazing photography and now I have cards with those on them.... do I part with them, or frame them... I am guessing it will be special people that will receive them.

Of course I had a great time creating a little something for my make it swap gift....with my make 2 rule when giving items away,.... I realised that the last time I visited the home patch I picked up this gorgeous button with the plan to make this ornament for Christmas. But of course, I then decided it would be perfect to make a few and I needed more buttons. So on arriving on the Friday I hit Annie with the question of "can I have more please?" Lucky for both Annie and I, a shipment had just arrived, so I got lots more buttons....and Annie was gracious enough to open a kit to give me the matching one below... as he wasn't in the shipment.

So it was very funny when Annie joined us for lunch and joined in our little gift swap, that she should be on the receiving side of my gift. I know that she really appreciated it and we both chuckled over it. Now to finish mine and hang him on the tree with special memories.

Oh and here is a photo of the lovely little gift I gave Julie for hosting our dinner on Friday Night.

I drive home was filled with chatter and lost moments it seems, we missed Katoomba and the turn off home, so we travelled across one too many bridges but we enjoyed and both Errolyne and I were texting images to each other from our homes around the corner of our bliss continued in the form of bubbles and PJ's.

So in summing up, I had a wonderful "me" time and met some lovely people, enjoyed the company of amazingly inspiring group of ladies, who I can't wait to see again, in March at Nundle!!


  1. you sure did fit lots in for your trip..........Errolyne was a great pick to bring with you.........she just slotted right in.......was lovely to catch up again and by the time Christmas comes and goes it will be March for GDITC...........

    1. we sure did, and yes miss E did fit in perfectly. GDITC will be here before we know it, only 37 days till Christmas

  2. Was very nice to meet you guys :)) it looks like you did really well at The Home Patch on Friday :))

    1. Thanks Khrissy, nice to meet you too!!! OH i did well all right, and this photo was taken after i had put away the non fabric items...LOL so they didn't make it in

  3. Anonymous6:51 am

    So lovely to see you again Sonia, might have to make it an overnight stay next year so I can chat more :)

    1. Yes Fiona for sure !!!!


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