Monday, October 10, 2005

Mundane or Precious

I knew when i started this that i wouldn't be a regular blogger - from experience my diary writing always has weeks, months or even years between notes - it has to be something real for me to write about.

Since my last thoughts entry, lots has happened mainly mundane day to day stuff, so I won't bore you all with that.

But what has made me start writing today is something that began yesterday - like a chain of events, that leads you to one astounding thing.

Whilst attending a baby shower for a friend - with my 15year old daughter sitting beside me - we were both gooing and gaaing over the gorgeous baby items - that as much as I always thought that there would be more babies in my life - they will not be mine they will be my grandchildren - and I found this a very scary thought !

For some reason, like a lot of us do - we don't grow older in our own heads - and what really frightens me is that both my babies have grown into teens right before my very eyes.

One of the things that made me realise this was being asked to offer advice to the MUM to be - and I remember how much this was at times annoying when I was a new mum - as everyone thinks they have the best tidbit to give -My advice were the words I had written in my card –
enjoy each and every precious moment
- and these words only finally hit me this morning, as how important they really are.
Today was a pivotal point in both my children’s lives
- Dylan (11 turning 12 in 13 days) had his bag packed for his return to school, but this being his final year in Primary school today he leaves for his school camp the big one that lasts a whole week - his little arms went around me and he kissed me on the cheek saying I will really miss you mum - this bought tears to my eyes that I had to hide, and of course i changed the subject when i said and don't you forget to bring everything home (he has a terrible habit of leaving things behind).
So here I am feeling rather emotional when
- Bianca (15yrs old) comes waltzing out of her bedroom - today she becomes a senior in High school - even if it is only in uniform for her is was a big step even to the point of no more school bag just a large handbag. The point that made it feel even more emotional was when she asked me to tie her hair ribbon- again i could feel the tears welling up (thinking at least she still needs me for something)

So I ask you have you noticed how grown up your babies are today????

I certainly did!!!

So like i said earlier - enjoy each and every precious moment - even if it is packing a toothbrush or tying a hair ribbon - its amazing how precious the mundane can be.
So I promise to become a regular blogger - even if it at times seems mundane.


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