Thursday, November 07, 2013

What a Crazy Week

OK let me tell you life has just been crazy, I can't believe that one week has flown by and I have filled it with so much. 

**EDITED - it was a week, but I didn't get to finish the post that I started till late tonight....soooo....its a 2 week post....but it's been crazy and action packed.

It begins on Tuesday 29th Oct, the craziness begins.....yes on a Tuesday, with a little cutting and prep work for the Journal that I promised I would cover and haven't yet done - the mind was thinking I had more time...but alas, the stressed daughter reminds me that no she is leaving in 2 ....count those sleeps.
Last chance for Girly coffees with my daughter before her trip, of course it included beauty treatments too.

Mad Sewing fest fills Wednesday 30th October, bag identifiers.....little Velcro tabs on pretty fabric...she'll know which is her bag. Finishing touches on the Journal cover with Eiffel tower pocket, secret pocket with secret notes installed and of course a little hidden love message from mum. with matching fold up little tote bag, journal has the map of where she will be, the tote has Australia so she knows where to return. :)

 Wednesday night - family farewells, called for roasts and moet toasts.... followed by lots of packing, unpacking and repacking....They Thursday  the 31st begins with more repacking and last minute farewells to grandparents...

and then they were off..... trips to airports and the day is done.

Friday I spent trying to slow down and awaiting the call of arrival.....that came in the form of a imessage, and facetiming became a new addiction....I love it, so simple and it's like she is here and then hellow....reality in the form of the find my friend app.... 16,977km from home....

then some more cutting and pre-ping work for the custom ordered pillows
Oh and the Christmas Fruit was started thanks to Fat  Mum Slim and Day 1's prompt FRUIT

Saturday - a day of photographs and uploading to Facebook market with lots of sales.... and some late night stitching another Fat Mum Slim prompt Day 2 I did this....yes i did.

 Sunday girly time with family - High Tea Party @ the Hilton including nail painting and fake lashes....and sweet treats
 Day 3 prompt P is for Piano - one day I will have this beauty retuned and begin lessons again.
 Monday and after Face time calls with my girl, It was a French inspired breakfast, before some more stitching of that custom order.

 Day 4 Table - love this old singer sewing treadle table, part of my eclectic styled home

Tuesday - completed cushions, and a masculine heat pack and the prompt for Day 5 I collect.... oh so many things but my iphone camera settled on this little bowl of cotton reels

 Wednesday - my dads birthday so it was up with the sparrows and on the road at 6.45am so that miss I am travelling Europe request that I be at Pa's house in time for the early morning face time call, was met.. It was amazing to see my parents joy at speaking to their granddaughter in Paris.

Then back in the car and travelling further south to Wollongong harbour....watching whales and eating seafood.....enjoying some time with my parents and enjoying the good life. Ahhh but then it was more car time, traffic and more traffic

Day 6. Prompt Music - the metronome is oddly soothing for me even with my weird distaste of any ticking clock.

Then we we arrive at today, home alone, but with a huge list of things to do.... But I did take a few me moments.... Like breakfast alfresco in my adirondack listening to the birds and bees

Day 7. Prompt YES another me moment coffee alone peaceful 
Followed by lunch cooked and payed for by my son popping into work for mother and son these.
And of course amongst the me moments, were panic moments of crazy, like finishing this custom order and packing the other 7 orders that I will deliver in Bathurst on Saturday ....of I am sure there were many other things that filled my 2 weeks..... But I do know that my head spins ...and occasionally I just stop and breathe...

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