Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello fellow Readers, I love getting a Reader Questions...

I recently received this email from Jeanine....

Where did you get the measuring grid you have on the bottom of your machine? I would love to have one on mine. Any hope in getting it?

So I thought perhaps there are more of you out there that are keen to find out... It is know as a Seamingly Accurate Seamingly Accurate®  its a great product that allows you sew seams, hems and all sorts quilting rows, quickly and easily without drawing those pencil lines that tend to rub out ...yes I did this one my machine....

the above image I have borrowed from the site where you can find them HERE at only $9.95 and yes they ship internationally for us here in Australia....Best thing I have ever purchased for my sewing Machine, besides my quilting foot.... I LOVE IT!!!

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