Monday, October 21, 2013


About a month ago or more, my Daughter suggested I register for The Soup, as a place that trials new products, which I would get to sample and then blog about. It sounded like something I would be keen to do. So I registered, and a week later was contacted via email and asked if I would be keen to give a bug repellent a go...and this is what came about.

Two weeks ago, I received a large package from The Soup courier, containing 4 Raid Automatic Units, that's right Four. One for me to trial and test out over the next Four weeks and blog about, the other Three Units to give-away to you. Yes three of you lucky readers will receive something for reading my blog!

So, I straight away opened the box, and the within 2 minutes I had the Raid Automatic Advanced Indoor Insect Control System that is ODOURLESS running to protect me for 12 Hours, as this was my choice, yes you can run it for 24 hours continuous operation when those creepy crawlies  like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants are within the room it's in. Now having read that, and having had it on for 2 weeks now, in the main room of my two storey house. I can happily say, that we are bug free downstairs and even the one roach that I have seen is dead.

So I am happy enough that I will be purchasing another for upstairs as there have been a few flies up there the last few days, with this hotter weather we have had. It certainly brings them out.

Now why would I purchase one, well let me tell you a little story.
My mum, has what we call Mr. Sneezy in her family room on the top of the cupboard, you can hear him pfft, letting out a spray and then sure enough comes the odour....and then a sneeze.
In the passed 2 weeks, nobody has really noticed the Raid Automatic Advanced Indoor Insect Control System, and I am sure its due to it being ODOURLESS. We have heard the little pfft noise it makes every 7 minutes during its 12 hour cycle. When my daughter first heard it she thought there was something in the did scare us till we worked it out.

So, would you like to 'CONTROL BUGS WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER"? Well help me decide who those lucky Three recipients that will receive one of these units to help eradicate the bugs in there home this Summer, by leaving a comment below and Sharing this amongst your friends.

Share your Insect stories with me, please the creepier the better..

 ***This Post was brought to you by The Soup and RAID Automatic Advanced Indoor Insect Control System ODOURLESS and my honest opinions


  1. I hate creepy crawlies, especially mozzies

    1. it is keeping them all at bay Jodii - your name is in the draw...LUCKY first - hope we get a few more...


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