Thursday, October 31, 2013


Its time for an update from this post ...

All is going well and we are certainly CANCELLING THE PESTS SUMMER PLANS HERE, with our Raid Automatic Advanced. I will be definitely using one of these wonderful vouchers to purchase another for upstairs this weeks shop. We have had such an improvement in the pests downstairs, we've noticed them upstairs and are keen to see if we can eradicate them all together. Even considering purchasing one of the outdoor units, as we were bug infested sitting outdoors for dinner last week.

Would you like one of these exclusive 25% off  vouchers the first 10 comments will receive one in the mail - sorry Australian Residents only - be sure that I can email you from your comment for your postal details. you can purchase one of these units with an exclusive 25% off voucher from SOUP, RAID and me...

This comment will also put you in the draw for my 3 Free Units that I am giving away in a couple more weeks.

 ***This Post was brought to you by The Soup and RAID Automatic Advanced Indoor Insect Control System ODOURLESS and my honest opinions


  1. Sounds like a great idea...warm weather = mosquitoes, and plenty of them!! See you soon ;) Suze,

  2. So nice to hear a recommendation. Was wondering how they worked! We have plenty of mozzies down here. thanks Sonia

  3. We have plenty of mozzies down here. Was wondering how these worked so great to read a recommendation! thanks x

    1. Your welcome Sami - if you would like to try the Raid pop me an email with your mail address and I can sent you a discount voucher! cheers Sonia xxx


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