Monday, September 23, 2013

Road Tripping....out to NYNGAN

Hubby and I love a road trip, and travelling in our amazing countryside is just stunning, this trip really was a colourful one, lots of amazing be warned photo heavy post.

The Wattle....just pops of yellow everywhere.

I found this little pop of colour beside a silo and the railway....just so pretty.

 Loved this little place just out of Molong - could have spent hours on treasure hunting...stopped myself with just a few vintage Fowlers Jars and a Rolling Pin

Ok it's hard to see in this image, but well through a dirty windscreen but yes that is a plane just above the road we were flying down at 100....lucky snap. 

The same sunset ....just watching it we travelled along..amazing!!

Yes she stole my heart over and over.....LOVE YOU MISS EVIE

Birthday wishes Taylor style....LOL the laughter and the tears, oh and the burnt fingers!!!

We had fun building and creating, the bedhead and this extra special raggy pillow even if she still prefered her mummy's birthday gift.

more upholstery with a patchwork stitch up first....

cushion covers and binding of quilts

Morning snuggle bunnies that stole both our hearts.

From miles of ploughed expanses to lovely green crops....we saw it all.

Captivated by the wild life that just amazes us.

We crossed and travelled beside the railway tracks the whole trip it seemed.

The sights we saw that made us Laugh Out Loud
and drop our jaws in amazement.....there were over 100 of these water fowls in flight...amazing.

The lines and shapes caught my attention too.

sweet sunflowers growing on the side of the road

as close as we got this trip to the warrumbungles this time we will adventure there

The cows had attitude...roadside and in paddocks.

These amazing yellow fields of Canola just were mindblowing visions of colour

another day another sunset - loving the rays of light from above.

Spa baths and good wine.....oh Mudgee I love thee

Spring lamb anyone

Bright blues and silvery greys....the colours were amazing...have I said it one too many times.

the Wattle against the mountains....stunning.

Relics along the way

Mountains and Sculptures

and home with treasures......

I love travelling this amazing country that I live in.


  1. I travel out to Nyngan got work. The countryside always blows me away. You have captured it with some breathtaking photos.

    1. Thanks Simone, it does take my breathe away - I love it

  2. Beautiful photos.Next time you go to Mugee check out a drink called Cudgee Special-its different kind of like a marsla.drink it straight or with milk my ex used to pour it over ice cream .Loved your cushions as well-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, I'll have to remember that one

  3. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Great pics of my part of the world. Wish I could get out to take more photos around the place too

    1. Oh Fiona, I'll have to make sure to add you to a pit stop next time around...along with Chooky and Kate!!


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