Monday, September 23, 2013

Portable Tea Party & Lavender scented play teabags

Well having a God Daughter means so many things to me, and one of those is that I get to shop for Little Girly gifts.  Last year I purchased a beautiful China Tea Set, but alas my Baby Girl (23) reminded me that my little God Daughter @ 1 would be to tiny for

When I saw this wooden High Tea Set I knew it would be this years Birthday Gift, but it weighed a ton, so it was going to be a delivery gift (extra bonus means I have to visit) YES!!!

So with two tea sets ready to give, I knew I wanted to make something that was a little more me to go with I was thinking Fabric,  then I searched Pinterest and well the mine field opened up.

I pinned 2 items that I knew I would make and make I did....and I love it so sew so cute!!!

First item was this pin for Tiny Tea Bags, loved them and how cute they look in the cups. I filled them with lavender, so they smell good too.

Then came a tablecloth, that could store all the extras - I was a mum who liked the games put away that belonged together.  So when I found this pin  I was on to it.

It was a rather simple project, and I of course has to add my twist, the little tabs are just a cute addition I think. - sorry no clear photo of that.....but oh did my little god-daughter love it - she sure did....and was constantly making me little cups of tea and bringing my the cloth napkins with a slice a cake...oh I love giving a gift that just hits the mark....


  1. love it where did you get it from I have a little granddaughter who would love this-love dee x

    1. Dee, I got it from ALDI , the sell this timber range of toys around Christmas time, and I buy when I see it and put it away, last year I gave her just a wooden birthday cake, they have Velcro slices, so you have a wooden knife to cut the cake - very good imaginative play


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