Friday, September 13, 2013

Quilting ... the Love Hope Quilt pile is growing and shrinking....

A few more have gone from the pile since I last posted in July

The above Quilt is Quilt 20 Red/Animal Print Hope Quilt in our growing pile, and it was just going to be the only quilt in the ready to go pile at mum's but alas - it only lasted a week before it was needed. 

Quilt 21 from this post  the Red AND Green Hearts Hope/Love Quilt was given to Fung Chen on the 9th August.

Quilt 22 - Hearts AND Roses Pink Hope Quilt had Sheree's name added to it and was given to her on the 24th August

Here is the photo that Steph and my friend Dee shared on Facebook, love the warm and fuzzy's I get when I see a hope love quilt doing its thing and giving the love, warmth and hope to one in need.Last week I was contacted by a friend who asked me to make a quilt for a friend of hers who is sick. I said I would sort it out. A quick call to Mum who has our stash of completed quilts and got her onto putting a name on the quilt for Steph who is suffering from Aplastic Anaemia and has been spending quite a bit of time in hospital. 

So LAST weekend, saw me working on labels and binding on the last few ready to complete I have in my pile. A few managed to get completed and handed over to mum, the rest is sitting in a nice pile for me to sit and do the lovely sigh part of the quilt by hand the binding and the label, so my nights will be busy over the next few weeks. finishing this pile off

Quilt 24 Green Hope Hearts in Lime and Brights BOUND AND AWAITING AT MUMS

Quilt 25 Green Hope Hearts in Blue Liberty Style (work in progress)

Quilt 26 Green Hope Hearts in Shades of Green Floral

Quilt 27 Green Hope Hearts with Lime starburst with black Floral

Quilt 28 Green Hope Hearts on Stawberries and Cream

Quilt 29 Green Hope Hearts with Sunshine BOUND AND AWITING AT MUMS


  1. another batch of beautiful heart quilts......and so special to see someone wit hers.........precious...

    1. Yes it is special seeing them being used - sat binding away last nigh


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