Thursday, March 26, 2015

26 years married

Diary Date 18th February 2015 

"26 years ago today, we said "I do", love you forever always, today's been a little different, gifts exchanged that made us both laugh- nothing like handmade with love, blood tests for Hep A, breakfast with my baby boy, taxied by our baby girl, dinner with you, all highlights! Biggest laugh ever ordering that $100 dollar bottle of Moët to relive a moment in time, only to have the waitress return with sorry sold out sir!!! Guess we saved the bubbles for another day!!"

Gifts exchanged, nothing like handmade with love.

Breakfast with my baby boy.

Dining out with my main man, followed by a moonlight stroll, we really do enjoy our life.


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    congrats Sonia sounds like the perfect day xx

    1. it was Shez, perfectly unperfect in every way!!!

  2. we are alive and living it........gotta love it............congrats...........

    1. certainlly are and loving it!!! thankyou


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