Sunday, July 14, 2013

.....quilting away.....

Well it's been a bit of sewing time for me, with markets and what's just been one big stitch-a-long. Here are this months completes so far.

Back in April I posted a photograph of a large stack of Hope Love Quilts, that needed labelling and binding, well that pile has been growing thanks to the hard work of the ladies from my threadbare sewing group. I did finish  one back in May that I hadn't shared with you so this is it.

Quilt 19 Roger's Brown Heart Hope Quilt

Sadly Rodger only got to sleep under his quilt for a few days before he passed away. But I know his family will cherish those memories forever.

Feeling the pressure of an ever growing pile, I finally managed to label and finish the binding of three of them in the last two weeks...there wasn't much binding to these 3 as the ladies had already bound them, I just had to unpick the corner where the labels went in and worked in the labels.

Quilt 21 - Red & Green Hearts Hope/Love Quilt

Quilt 22 - Hearts & Roses Pink Hope Quilt

Quilt 23 - The PINK Hope quilt

Evelyn the lady who does all our hand quilting on these quilts made this quilt it is filled with alternate machine appliqu├ęd pieces all relating to Woman's Cancer - this quilt will be donated we think to the hospital for a display piece of hope to fill a waiting room.

Then there is my


which is for sale, I completed this quilt in 3 days, and I love it - it will be hard to part with. It have both Machine and Hand quilted pieces and you can see more detail over here

 Then there is this 2nd Rag Quilt that also will be going up for sale, I pieced it yesterday and am just about to put the binding on and start the clipping tonight.

 And there is my July Stitch-A-Long project that is coming along nicely, since this photo was taken the hexagons are now all joined and the stitcher is in the hoop for stitching.

Still in the ever growing pile of HOPE QUILTS is Quilts 20, 24, 25, 26, 27 &28

If you were interested in donating fabric or even sending a stitched heart for our HOPE QUILTS -  please leave a comment or email me for more information..

So i am happy just quilting and stitching my days and nights away......


  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Love all you've been making Sonia. Love your label too :)

  2. hello I love all your quilts what a beautiful thing you do with these quilts.I missed the last markets as I was sick but hopefully will be able to go to another-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee. I hope to see you at one soon. At this point our next booked market will be Belgenny Farm again on Fathers Day - we are hoping to fit in another, just waiting to hear back.


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