Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick quilt


After selling my quilt at market last Saturday, I decided on Sunday, that i needed to make two for my next market. Monday it was time to start, having Rolie Polies in stock, I procrastinated over starting another strip rag quilt or something, a little different, but it had to be quick, so what's quicker than a race quilt. Yes I decided to do a jelly roll race - with a twist of some larger patches that I could hand quilt. Just because I love to hand quilt and I was still a little bit scared of machine quilting. Well I have done smaller items but not been happy with the one baby quilt I had done. So I began with nerves, but I did begin. It really is amazing, and you think your never going to get to the end.

In just over an hour my quilt top was complete, with its patches and because of the patches I had some race strips left, so I patch worked the back as well. sandwiching came next.

And because i was in the mood, to stitch, I managed to put the labels and complete the binding on 3 Love/Hope quilts that now the sun is out ill photograph today and share later.

Tuesday I was up and into the quilting, an hour and a half and then a little housework, before quilting the afternoon away

Wednesday evening and a little more quilting


Hand quilting completed, and ready for binding today, will share the completed quilt with you soon.

How's your week been this week.

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