Thursday, March 30, 2006

~ day 2 & 3 ~

well day 2 - goal was achieved got a walk in and went cropping with the design team - had a nice enjoyable evening - didn't manage to complete day 2 of the journal so this morning i awoke sleepy and feeling like i was failing - rushed in and did this mess - don't like it, but am moving on.

Day 3 - went for my walk feeling like i need to get some air inside my head - realised that walking with the ipod has its advantages i am not distracted by the sights and smells i see when my ears are busy singing - it reminds me of when i was studying way back when.... and my parents wondered how i could with the blaring headset on - but for me its the way - so i enjoyed my walk say lots of nature, got scared by a dog - this is the negative of the ipod - didn't hear him coming before his cold nose was nuzzling my leg - but he was harmless although it did instill this mornings earlier chat and cuppa with nalatie that dogs should be on leashes - but thats another story - i managed to spy on my walk a beautiful king parrot - and i wondered where his love was - as these birds are always in pairs and they mate for life - so i was off in happy land came home and straight into the day 3 pages - wow i got totally in to it and love my pages - and my comment - smile it feels good! - i was busy creating and journaling when i suddenly realised that i had a big smile on my face - it made be feel wonderful to be creating and enjoying this wonderful journey - now the downside to all this free abandon creating means that i have created one huge mess of which i now must clean if i am to finish the pages i started last night at Gabriella's and also complete the Newsletter - as well as spend some quality time baking cookies for my wonderful children to have when they get home from school.

thanks to all those that inspire me in this journey its awesome to see so many pages working on the same project.


  1. i really like the red and bkack dream words sonia, can see you are getting in to it more each page - cant wait for the final pages - also am loving the sayings...

  2. I love, love, love, Day 3!
    Everything about it is awesome!!!
    Especially the colours!!!



  3. Great pages Sonia and great going with the challnge
    I might try to catch up and starting doing it on the weekend

  4. It turned out just amazing... Good luck with day 4...


  5. It's great to see how much your enjoying the creative abandon! I's inspiring..and so are your pages!

  6. Beautiful journal and pages. I am absolutely in love with your day three. It is stunning. Enjoy your walks and creating!

  7. Thanks on the comments everyone, it is wonderful to have such support - i am dressed and today is such a big day i am hoping to fit in all my chores before managing to get to the challenge - but i must say i do feel motivated to see these wonderful comments.
    thank you all.

  8. Sonia - your pages look wonderful - congrats on doing this....what a great start...such gorgeous work

  9. come on sister, waiting for the glorious rest! You do wonderful work and would love to see more!


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}