Tuesday, March 28, 2006

~ 21 days ~ day 1

ok well i have been wanting to do move forward to change and what should i stumble accross today when going on a bloggin journey - but Rhonna's 21 day challenge - perfect timing - this challenge is about me moving forward making a positive change - but also getting back to being me - just me - sonia - the first step is to commit -
so wholla - spent an hour and created this journal - then went for a walk - its a begining in this wonderful journey called CHANGE

Edited - pictues added

thanks Rhonna for the inspiration at a time when i needed it most.


  1. go girl it looks like an inspiring journey! love the art work...

  2. great art journal, i followed the first one and have jotted down all the quotes and will do one soon just don't have the time at the moment. Good luck with yours and will be checking in on how you are going


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