Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day/Boxing Day revisited with details.

Well the house is empty apart from me, so the silence is golden but also sad, I really enjoy having all the extended family come and stay and fill my home with love and noise (OK I might complain that they are noisy when they are here, but I really do miss it when it's gone).

Our Christmas was super special, even though it will be the last we celebrate with dear Al. He was such a trooper over the holidays and I will miss his witty input. Only he could make us all, almost spit out Christmas Lunch with his bon bon toy!! With the Sunglasses nanna rope - Jewish plaits interpretation... (No I am not racist - just laughing in the moment)

Let's get to the details.... sharing recipes via links for you too. :)

OK, let's start with the time - yep in years past we have always been up super early, not sure if it is Gran or the Kids but it's always super early...but they were warned with Brian working the night shift on Christmas Eve and not due home till 7.30am it was a no presents till then, you may as well sleep in. BUT!!! of course I was awoken at 6am but miss Bella puss and vomits, so I got to clean them up and then I started with retching as I don't really do vomit too well. So then I woke up gran, but we both tried to go back to bed, nope no sleep coming, so at 6.30am I was sending them all text messages, and giggling like a kiddie listening to Dad and Mum "quick get your phone, it will wake the kids" LMAO that was funny. So before we knew it we were all sitting up downstairs drinking cups of tea and Shortbread and Mincepies awaiting Brian's arrival at 7.30am.

Then it was gifts Bianca and Jasmin took turns in being Santa and passing out the gifts. Of course there were the usual shenanigans from Chantelle and Brian joined the Ribbon club.

Then the Allsopp's popped in for a Christmas tipple, the traditional Tia Maria and Cream and ended up joining us for Breakfast. Our regular Gay Eggs - recipe to come another time, was passed over for the easier version of Huevos Rancheros Our Way, so easy when catering to a crowd.

Then a little more unwrapping of gifts, before it was time to get lunch on. With most of our prep done on Christmas Eve, it was a very laid back and easy setup. Dad did an awesome job of de-boning the Turkey Buffet again and I stuffed it with the prepared stuffing mix that we mixed up on Christmas Eve ready to stuff the boneless breasts. I double the recipe for my Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffing Balls and added about a cup of macadamias this year. So we served the Turkey stuffed with the same mix and had the Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffing Balls on the side. Mum oiled and salted the Pork Crackle, and we popped the Turkey and the Pork in the oven inside. Then while Dylan with his new Knife was helping me prepare the ham, Mum measured as I called out the ingredients for the Baked ham with brown-sugar glaze, which Brian kept basting and checking in the BBQ every 20 Min's. The girls set the table. It really was an all hands helping in Christmas day.

Then we all put our feet up and sang some carols, before it was time to pop the accompaniments on the table.

 OK, we accompanied our meats with the Cranberry, cherry and almond relish (and yes I used fresh cherries again, much raved over and all enjoyed. Then Miss Jasmin requested the Mango Salsa - OK I couldn't find the recipe, but it really is just diced fresh mango & half a red onion, a squirt of the chopped chilli in the tube drizzled with apple cider vinegar, lime juice a sprinkle of sugar. This was also prepared on Christmas Eve so the flavours had really mixed nicely come Christmas day.

 The rest of the menu was
Roast Pumpkin & Sweet Potato
Potato Gratin with Cauliflower Cream (thanks to Coles Christmas Magic mini cookbook again this year)

More Shenanigans from Chantelle and Bianca, more Carols by candlelight and just some good old relaxing whilst the dishes were done!!! Then we were all too full for Christmas Cake and custard, so it was time for the new coffee machine to go into service and dish out Coffee's Affogato style  - Shot of Espresso, Shot of Liqueur of choice (mines Kahlua), Scoop of Ice cream and sprinkled with demarera sugar. Then we sat back and watched the kids use the Wii and Just Dance 3 up the lounge room, with screams from me about the rocking of the TV. Before I gave up and went to bed totally exhausted.

Boxing day is another day, filled with friends, food and fun and this year was no exception. Sadly miss B had to work in the city at Myer's but she did join us late for her Trifle. We did two car trips around to my girlfriends so that we only had one driver, then we sat back and ate leftovers and played games...the best being the Talking about your Generation game....covers all the ages from Dad to Jasmin and laugh lots we did. Even a few water bombs were thrown. All in all a great Christmas Day and Boxing Day, one filled with many many special memories. One that I know we will treasure for a long time.!!

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  1. Dear Sonia, loved reading this Blog, it sounds like everyone made the most of this very special day for all of you.

    Love Janet xxx


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