Friday, September 12, 2014

Quilted Gift

Recently we attended a 21st of one of our Son's closest friends. The lovely Jen has been friends with our Son Dylan ever since his first day in his new school way back in year 3. It's always hard to change schools, but worse when it is mid term. Jen was an angel that day, and made our worries as parents much easier, knowing that he had a friend on that hard first day. I would never have guessed that 12 years later they would still be as close as ever. 

When it comes to quilts, a big part of my heart goes into each and every one I make. I recently started selling them. Which is really hard to part with them. But I do love making them. Obviously there is more love stitched in one that is going to be given as a gift, I didn't think twice when Dylan was deciding what to give as a gift to Jen, to offer a quilt. So after some pattern deciding, I took him shopping to help select the colours. Purple he says is Jens favourite colour.... and he helped me choose a simple geometric design. Which I thought I could replica from an image after a few hours of struggling with the math.... I searched the web till I found the same design in pattern form, happier still it was a downloadable PDF. I love the internet. The Pattern we have used is Modern Rose Garden by Carolina patchworks.

I really love how the colours came together.

I did play with some new product that I am now selling as well. An iron on does make sandwiching and quilting quicker. - if you are interested it is Sew Easy Double Sided 100% cotton Batting. 100 inches wide or 252 mm for those that prefer metric and it is $25/m + postage. pop me an email if you are after it. I found it was a struggle but much easier than pinning a quilt and it worked a treat whilst I hand quilted this quilt as it was on the larger side and I don't have a long arm quilting machine.

Of course there wouldn't be a  quilt that my little miss didn't help me work please put down the needle and just love me.

My label, has a great verse on it

"if you ask me how long I'll be your friend? My answer will be, I don't know 'cause I really don't know which one is longer Forever or Always."

The birthday girl obliged me and managed to pop me a few photos, as I didn't snap any at the time of it's completion., on the line and also on her bed, perfect bed topper.


  1. Nice quilt... It's nice to do things for special occasions......


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