Tuesday, September 02, 2014

FOOD ADVENTURES - 1 cafe at a time....

Recently, it has been suggested that I become a food blogger, well that just makes me laugh, I do love my food. With a Chef in the house we do eat try to well and creatively, and we love to go on food adventures all in the name of research.
So with the idea of food blogging still laughing in my head, I decided when editing my phone images it needed to be shared...our recent food adventures.

The ArmChair Collective  is a regular haunt of mine for coffee and brunch, I have never ventured there later in the day, but recently on a food Adventure with my chef on board we stopped here and enjoyed some lunch.... overall I love the coffee, and prefer the breakfast menu. I found the fish and chips too large a serve and very fried....LOL well it its a fried meal. Dylan had the beef burger and wasn't wowed by it... Ill keep going back for my coffee and sweet treat or poached eggs.

Where the Monster Sat Cafe  was found on a true foodie adventure, heading to Ikea for some supplies, we decided to Google cafĂ©'s in the locality. Miss B chose as I was driving. Her choice sounded fine. However this little gem, was across the road, and the quirky name and the fact there were more available seats at the time is our reason for stopping.
The coffee was amazing, I'll be back for this alone. We loved it's quirky decor. On presentation our Eggs Benedict looked amazing, the black salt added some drama to the dish. However, we found the eggs just underdone for our liking, which let the whole dish down.... It became a very wet puddle albeit tasty. 

Grandma's Little Bakery, this is a perfect little spot after dropping off or picking up at Sydney Airport, only a few minutes away, you can be comforted with Real Home Cooked Food, each time we have been here we love it. Recently after farewelling my BFF back to Melbourne we stopped off here and we were comforted with this wonderful dish of  Moroccan Beef Casserole, Very slow cooked beef with Green beans & Grandma's Homemade rase el hanot spices served with side of Rice, we also add the bread board with dips and it was the perfect share meal.... and totally comforting. The building is large expansive warehouse and you can watch the baker's at work on the bread whilst you eat...love this place.  I was also lucky enough to have Grandma's Little Bakery instagram account regram my photo...made me feel special.

The Boathouse Palm Beach, ah need I say more... we love this place and have been known to sit for quite a few hours just savouring in the view and relaxed atmosphere. Often sharing the famous bucket of prawns and a beer or wine. Never dull images here, it's always amazing. the view and the food. This trip we shared with my BFF and my Sister. We all enjoyed our meals. I was privileged with another Instagram regram of the delicious citrus tart below from theboathousepb Instagram account 


  1. Hi Sonia.... How lucky to have a Chef in the house. .is hat Hubby? I've been to Armchair Collective and thought it went with my name LOL!

    1. Dzintra, the almost chef is my son, his apprenticeship will be complete hopefully by the end of the year. It's lovely at the Armchair I love it's quirky atmosphere


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