Friday, August 29, 2014

Replanting/Renovating continues

Today after treating the boys to a food adventure brunch, I got them out in the yard. With all e rain the ground was nice and soft to work on our tree stump, and the repositioning of a 50+ year old Azalea.
From above to below, she moved with a lot of grunting from all three of us, I really hope she survives her rehoming.
The stump is getting smaller, but it will need a few more sessions, but hopefully the rain eases and we can get back to the painting.

I also realised I never shared our repainted letterbox, from burgundy to shiny red.... And of course a little vintage style knob update too.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing our progress.


  1. Oh I feel your paid Sonia....those stumps just don't ever want to move do they. your garden and letter box looks lovely....One day I will get to visit you and see it all in person....Hugs Kate x

    1. One day for sure Kate!!! Hopefully I will have finished the painting by then :)


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