Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secret Santa Parcel RECIEVED

Oh what the mail man delivered today, brought tears to my eyes, and not because of the state of the box, although it did cause some concern.

This very large soft and squishy parcel with a smaller one attached, with a note saying that I am not to open till Christmas. Oh to have the will power to wait!!!
These two smaller ones that had notes that I was too open them now.

So open them I did, and how how sweet they are, I just love them and can't wait till the tree and decorations start going up tomorrow to put them on display, these little quilted ornaments are just Divine and I do have a passion for that older traditional ornament shape. But  I especially love this little hand blown glass bird oh my this photo just doesn't show you how special he is.

But to top it off Michelle yes I know who you are.....and have stalked your blog this morning and realise that chooky's random connections of us coudlnt' have been more perfect we are two peas in a pod with our loves of rust and fabric possessions.

Michelle, it's your random act of kindness of slipping that little something extra in my gift to brighten my day and my life at the moment, this special little Gnome is just gorgeous. He comes with a sweet story that is very sweet and special. It was definitely a Kleenex moment. Now to find the perfect little name and special place for him.

The Legend of the Fortune Fairies has a long and happy history. Long, Long ago when humans were closer to the natural world and the magic creatures that inhabited it, he was able to speak with the little people who where there to protect humans and his environment. In return the people of the world would put little statues of the Fortune Fairies in special places around their homes and gardens. Sadly the time has gone by. Humans forgot the art of communicating with these special spirits, but your Fortune Fairies collection will bring back those powers to you. Put your Fortune Fairies in a special place and give them each a name. They will have the power to protect you.
Thank you again Michelle


  1. Love the ornaments and bird and that little guy is just so special....So nice that it brightened your day....x

  2. gorgoues ornaments for the SSCS........enjoy and feel special.........

  3. Anonymous8:17 pm

    how lovely and i love those tilda xmas baubles ,lovely parcel you have rececieved


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