Thursday, December 01, 2011

Handmade Gifts for Nyngan

Back in July my birthday was made extra special by being asked for be Evie Taylors Godmother. Bianca and I had planned a trip to Nyngan this year some time, so with this honour of Godmother our tripped got planned.

What better excuse to make handmade gifts and of course do a little shopping, just had to spoil this little cherub.

Evie Kay above is wearing a couple of her special gifts....ones to keep and treasure.

 I of course started making this one once I knew it was a this little snuggle quilt, soft polar fleece backed and of course a signature satin edge binding, just one of my things for babies!!!
And then there are those special gift bags above, I have this thing where new bubs, means all kiddies in the family get gifts, just so they all feel a little the siblings got signature bags too they are.

 Then it was special name candles, love that scrapping supplies got dragged out perfect for this....oh and Amie was being Christened too, so she just had to have one as well.
The to top the trip off, it was also Amie's birthday a couple of days before, so more spoiling in order - special double sided quilted runner - can't wait to make this one for me, love the patch worked scallop.

Oh and more retail shopping, every little fairy needs a tutu and I couldn't resist these cute red tutu tights....and the extras that went with the outfit, gotta be matching!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:15 pm

    sounds like you have had so much fun getting these parcels together,what a wonderful surprise they will get when they all get a parcel,how sweet and caring.


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