Sunday, March 19, 2006

~ a busy week ~

Sometimes life is so crazy - and this week has been one of them. It all started last friday with Dylan getting his plaster off - which was supposed to be a good thing - well it appears that he then over compensated for the weight of the cast and got a crick neck which presented as the beginings of toricollis which he has a history of. So my week began with sleepless nights and lots of drugs for dylan before a day of drs appointments and more xrays - good thing it was not the torticollis but he still a week later is suffering from this crick neck - so now we have daily appointments to visit the chiropractor - and well the rest of the things in my week are a blurr - I have to mention that i do not and repeat do no do sleep depraved nights very well.

I do know that Bianca got glasses and I scrapped - here is the proof

Edited - sorry - blogger won't let me share pictures - this is just typical of my week this week. oh well off to bed.

Affirmation for the coming week - things are going to get better!


  1. gab c4:12 pm

    just got the nebuliser for marcus - repeat that affirmation!!!talk soon

  2. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Debra said
    just remember Sonia is good and is getting better everyday as I have so many people around that care, respect and love me.

    that includes me


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