Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Burn Fix - this is not a paid advertisment

I just thought I would share with you all, an amazing cream!!

Last Aaturday, I burned my finger big time on the hot glue gun, and I instantly went to the fridge and reached for the Skinstitut Laser Aid - and applied liberally, between lashing of this and ice, and today, when working on the computer I realised that I am not wincing and there is no scar or blister, I have never known a burn to heal so quick.

so, here is the tip....

BUY your self some of this!!! SKINstitut Laser Aid

Perfect Protection Protects skin against UV & environmental damage with SPF 15
Laser Aid Instantly cools, soothes, reduces redness and swelling

Contains Canadian Willowherb to instantly cool hot, reactive or sun exposed skin
Contains a rich blend of vitamin concentrates (A, B5, E, F & H) and antioxidants that assist in skin repair
Addresses skin reactivity, redness and irritation post cosmetic procedures including laser, IPL and waxing
May be used as a cooling antibacterial mask
Vitamin concentrate, Canadian Willowherb Witch Hazel extract
Apply liberally to affected area up to four times per day until redness subsides. Remove excess with tissue. 

We purchase it from our Beautician at Myer Hair and Beauty Warringah Mall, for our after Waxing treatments, and keep it in the fridge - it has worked far better than the Aloe Vera Gel I have always sworn by in the past.!!!

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