Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Road Tripping Country NSW Part 2

After our trip over the Warren Bungles and travelling on miles and miles of dirt road, we arrived at the amazing home of an Awesome Lady, who shares great love.... I really enjoyed this our second trip to her home. and I do look forward to visiting again.... got to invite myself... just because I can.

Great open spaces, champagne, what more could I want.... yes well the beach does call me... but seriously I think I could enjoy at country change, this really is the life.

I got to spend some time with her in her Chookshed,  and with a challenge issued on our Lucy, to create a block from only one piece of fabric.... we got to it.... how many hours Donna???


 As you can see, I just couldn't actually make it... but its in my to sew pile and it will come together with the addition of a few extras... but I am impressed with what I did achieve.... after many hours on the one block we just seemed to click and I lost count of the piles of ready to go blocks we managed to create, swapping fabrics and cutting blocks for both of us and a few sneaky extras for somebody else special.

Lucy really amazes me, how this mirror and a twist or turn can change the look of a block all together. If you are interested in joining us on our Lucy Boston Journey Sandy of Shiralee Stitches is where I got started wtih a BOM.

 Brian got to do a bit of sheep rounding up whilst Donna and I were stitching, as it was shearing time. We visited the shearing shed on our way out.... I was blown away, with the speed which which they worked.

 And then we were off to the next part of this road trip.... with the roos racing us on dirt roads it certainly was an adventure.


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    hi Sonia what a wonderful post ,i love your pics and i am in awe of these LB blocks,so glad you and chooky had special time together,you are both amazing ladies xx

  2. thanks Shez, I just need more trips like this, seems lucy only gets done when I am away. I cherished my time with Donna!!!

  3. Oh you are so kind.........I love spending time with you too..........playing with Lucy actually together instead of texting pics on the phone was so much fun...raiding each others stash.....
    don't stand in the wrong spot in the woolshed they will just run you over.........
    so when are you coming again????

  4. Oh no you are the too kind one... love love love spending time with you... and yes in real life is so much better than texting but I do love that too. sharing lucy with you always makes me smile.
    Oh I would believe they would... it was full steam ahead, really made me appreciate it.

    visiting As soon as a I can, still trying to work on July just got to get through the cruise and then I am onto planning it.


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