Thursday, February 09, 2012


Back in December I shared the Random Acts of Kindness blog post with our Love Quilts in them. 
Well we have been busy, making more as these are on going projects for threadbare, the sewing group I attend in Campbelltown Library on Mondays.  The ladies have been lovely stitching hearts for the quilts, Mum and I cut out the rails and posts and then Mum stitches them up, Evelyn hand quilts them and then I get them to do the binding and labels.

Here are the next two we have done.

This one is for one of the ladies in our sewing group who's  Mother In Law was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer but luckily is was a misdiagnoses and the nodules growing on her lungs were drug related to a medications she was taking and since stopping / switching the drugs the nodules have reduced so we hope her love quilt helps her to feel at home in the nursing home that she has been moved to due to this diagnosis.

This one is for a special lady in my life who just needs an extra bit of loving she is my whanua!! This extra special stitched heart I worked on is dedicated to breast cancer and was designed by Rosalie Quinlan. I know that when Janet sleeps under this quilt she will be filled with her whanua love.


  1. I ove the label on the Quilt... I like the Quilts though great work

  2. I love the label on the Quilts... I like the Quilts though great work

  3. Hi Sonia, just popping by to wish you a happy Easter and see how you are? You haven't bloged for a while, hope all is well.


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