Monday, April 16, 2012

Alive n Kicking

Yes I am alive n kicking still.....just not in the blogging zone is all, but trying hard to get there. I am hearing you on the emails and messages.....yes YOU i know you want to know what i have been up to so here is the rundown catchup just for YOU!!!

5 Weeks 4 Days till this view and I enjoy a glass of bubbles
Forever  Always Retreat #16 is only 5 weeks and 4 days away, I have been working hard on samples and projects, kits and goodie just another reason why my blog has not been so active lately.
We have been enjoying these on our deck most weekends

Life is still a take every day as a blessing kind of time. My BIL is still fighting hard, the doctors have said that due to his youth and initial healthy body he is really fighting the cancer, so each day he is here with us is a blessing. But we can't stop living, so we have been trying to enjoy life when we can and have been spending lots of time with family. This passed weekend my parents came and stayed but instead of working hard around the house which it needs....we took time out to smell the sea and enjoy a little of what we take for granted living on the beaches....
Panoramic view of Palm beach, where we enjoyed the best fish and chips and took in the view including Dolphins!!

 The big camera got a workout too...zoom lens and all, it's been a while since I dusted it off, sadly my phone takes most of my quick happy snaps now! But I loved playing with my settings and dials and zoom lens!!!

 Easter came and went with a lunch at my sisters with extended family another cherished day!!! Baking happened too....oh YUM!!!

 Some stitching and quilting has been getting done, but not much to share yet :)

Some scrapping was done with friends always a good thing....

In March a friend helped me to run away for some sanity time....we stayed in a wonderful little cottage in Berry NSW, it was just bliss the entire 3 days!!!

From beginging to end, I loved the visit to the Nan Tien Temple, it was the most peaceful place I have ever visited and I left there feeling like all the stresses that had been consuming me had been lifted. I definately reccommend visiting it, if like me you need a little bit of stress relief...LOL common you all know that you all need to visit!!!

Early March with the help of some amazing family friends (Thanks Deanne, Amber and Kate) we went to an amazing fund raiser night which raised $1350 this is a fantastic effort thanks to all who helped out THANKS AGAIN your generosity is just wonderful and the laughter we all shared during the movie

February we hosted a dinner party for friends, in an effort to make life a little normal again....something we need to do more often we all had a blast....laughed lots, cried a little, drank too much and well according to all that came I cooked up a storm....really it was simple as, so that I could enjoy the company too.
Hope this helps to catch you up!!!


  1. thanks for the catch up, looks like you have really been enjoying life

  2. glad to hear your going along ok.......been thinking of you........


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